About Christopher Weiss

Christopher J. Weiss has been practicing construction law for 41 years. Mr. Weiss is a board certified construction attorney.  For 35 years, via amalgamation with Holland & Knight, LLP, Mr. Weiss focused exclusively on Construction Law and co-chaired the Florida Construction Practice Group.

Mr. Weiss founded his own mediation and construction boutique firm in 2012.  He is able to assist you with your dispute by enforcing your contract to help manage risk in construction matters.

Mr. Weiss has represented clients in construction defect, delay, disruption, and acceleration claims involving all aspects of construction.  Mr. Weiss has conducted major litigation in many state and federal courts, and has numerous mediations and arbitrations.  Mr. Weiss’ focus of late has been on claims arising from or relating to leaks in building envelope systems, which cause water intrusion, mold and mildew.  Mr. Weiss has experience in handling defense of OSHA claims.

We work comfortably with construction managers, project managers, developers, architects, engineers and building owners.  Should a dispute arise between the parties, we are prepared to assist.  In the event an alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, project neutrals, or the like, is unsuccessful, we are litigators. The Firm has the resources to litigate matters before arbitration panels, state and federal courts.

Mr. Weiss is frequently asked to serve as a private arbitrator or with the stipulation of the parties, act as a mediator in a variety of construction matters.

2 thoughts on “About Christopher Weiss

  1. Mr. Wiess was very professional and took the time to answer all the questions that I had for him. I would definitely refer him to any contractor looking for advise and or legal assistance.


  2. Jonathan says:

    I’m just wondering. I had a granite installation come company in. They didn’t do the best job or give me what they promised me. I had excess glue on a seam, a cloudy filmmover the entire top, scratches and a cracked sink. Unfortunately, I did sign a contract but it’s not how I remembered. It looked completely different from the night time when I signed of TIL the next day when I could actually see it during the day. I contacted them 3 days afterward to ask them to come fix and they said they would. It took a month of contacting them to get them to finally come out. They came to “fix” the issue but wound up making it worse. I have before and after photos and did not sign off on anything saying I was okay with that service. They won’t fix the sink and the manufacturer said that once the sink was installed there is no warranty which doesn’t make since to me. Since I have left reviews on their webpages saying the company does not honor what they promise on their website, they have since changed their website. I have before photos of what the website actually promised to what they changed bc they are saying I’m a liar and they never offered those things. I’m going through BBB and they have been ignoring BBB after their 1st rebuttle and finally the last day they had, after 3 time extensions they finally replied. Also, come to find out they sold me the wrong type of stone. They charged me for a level 2 granite and come to find out it’s actually marble. I’m just wondering if I have a case? If I take them to civil court would I be out of money? At this point I don’t care about receiving any money, I just want them held accountable and not be out of pocket.


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