Best Practices for Avoiding OSHA’S Most Common Violations and Citations

One of the best ways to improve the overall compliance of your safety program is to take a close look at the electrical safety violations for which OSHA is citing companies, AND POSSIBLY YOURS. By taking advantage of these “hard lessons learned” you can use the information to identify gaps in your current program and share what you’ve learned with senior management, facility staff, and your audit team.

Lunch & Learn BlogsI am considering putting on a lunch and learn with a seasoned safety expert who has helped many companies develop compliant electrical safety programs. IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN SUCH A SEMINAR, LET ME KNOW YOU HAVE INTEREST. IF SUFFICIENT INTEREST IS SHOWN. I WILL SET IT UP FOR A LIVE PRESENTATION AND WILL VIDEOTAPE IT FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T ATTEND. I will provide participants with an assessment of the FY 2013 electrical violation categories and suggest ways to use the information to improve overall electrical safety compliance.


The electrical OSHA violations on the FY 2013 list and how the electrical safety violation categories relate to OSHA’s 2014 enforcement strategy and initiatives. WHAT IS THE SEVERE VIOLATORS PROGRAM? Learn about the National Emphasis Program. LEARN:

• KEY CONCEPTS you can take for using the electrical safety violations to evaluate your existing compliance status
• How to incorporate this information into your audit and inspection process
• What you can do to stay ahead of OSHA enforcement actions in the area of electrical safety
• The potential impact of new and pending electrical safety regulations and consensus standards such as NFPA70E as they relate to future enforcement trends
• Ways your company can use various data bases such as the electrical violations on the Top 10 to develop your company’s own ‘Electrical Safety Focus’ list
• Why misunderstanding ‘Arc Flash’ can cost money and lives
• The key elements of an electrical safety program
• Ways to identify and evaluate resources to help you best use this information in a meaningful way

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