AVVO Q&A #7: WHEN TO SUE A ROOFER OR CUT LOSSES AND GET A NEW ROOFER? Roof still under warranty. Licensed roofer. It’s been a year since installation and every time it rains it leaks. He has come out to “fix” it 6 different times and no luck.

#1 Roof Collage

I suggest you retain a Florida Bar Board Certified construction Attorney. I would put the roofer on written notice that you have a problem, list the attempted repairs and the results. I would advise the roofer that you are going to engage the services of an expert to evaluate the problem and to come up with a professional opinion as to the cause and cure of the problem. The notice to the roofer should be formatted as a Florida Statute 558 notice. Have your expert observe the repairs. Then if your roofer fixes it, you can try to get him to absorb the expert cost. If the roofer refuses, have the repairs done correctly and sue for the loss.

Best regards.

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